Aromagetics is the combination of aromatic plant material and energetics to encourage abundant and free flowing energy in the body.

Energy Aromatherapist Practitioner Program

Take all the classes below along with our level 1 Foundations of Therapeutic Aromatherapy Program and complete a few homework assignments to become a certified Energy Aromatherapy Practitioner (300 Hour Certification)


Dates:        See Individual Classes for Dates
Location:   Winston-Salem, NC
Instructor:  Trey Anderson

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Subtle Aromatherapy and the Energetics of Essential Oils

How to Access and Understand Plant Energy

Advanced Chemistry and the Energetics of Aromatic Molecules

Aromatics and the Chakra System

Aromatics and the Healing Properties of Stones and Crystals

Aromagetics In Practice Level 1

Aromatics and Polarity Therapy

Aromatics and Chinese Medicine

Aromatics, Ayurveda and Five element Theory

Understanding Energy Patterns

Aromagetics In Practice Level 2

Aromagetics is a blend of aromatherapy (both energetic and traditional aromatherapy) combined with energy healing modalities. We will explore different types of aromatic plant material including live plants and trees, dried plant material, essential oils and hydrosols. You will learn how to discover the energetic qualities of these plant materials through several methods including intuitive communication.  Join me on this experimental journey as I share my unique process for bringing these different modalities together. Based on the past 25 years of my life, this is a class you can't get anywhere else.

What will you learn?

  • What is energy?

  • How to feel and experience energy within yourself and others

  • How to communicate with plants and plant materials to learn their qualities

  • The power of intention

  • Energetic Aromatherapy including the energetic properties of essential oils and hydrosols

  • How scent can effect energy and the different energetic modalities

  • The Chakra system and how it functions

  • Techniques to balance the Chakra system

  • Polarity Therapy and Ayurveda, what they are and how they work

  • Polarity techniques to move energy through the body and bring balance to the energy field

  • 5 element theory

  • The basic concepts of Classical Chinese Medicine

  • How energy flows in the Meridian system and how to move stuck energy

  • Acupressure techniques to bring balance to the Meridian system

  • The energetic qualities of stones and crystals

  • The study of other energy bodywork modalities and how they can be used

  • Putting it all together-Discover my unique approach to energy healing with aroma (aromagetics).

  • And so much more

We will have guided meditations, plant walks, energy exercises, field trips and more fun activities.

You will learn to make room clearing sprays, lotion and oil blends for grounding and meditation, hydrosol blends, smelling salts and more.

If you have any questions about the classes, please send me an email and I'll get right back to you.